This is a group for those who want a little extra out of the market, without even doing the job.

What I Can Offer:

I am an active trader who has been self-taught through almost 3 years of study and experience.

As an active trader I have to follow the market particularly carefully therefore I spend many hours every day reading and studying technical and fundamental analysis, so becouse of that I can minimize my risk and increase the chance of profit for every single trade I take.

I have started this group to share my thoughts to help others who do not have the energy or time to read everything about the market, there is a lot to keep up with in this crypto space. 🤪

I will come up with weekly reports on how I see the situation in the market and how the development goes. This applies both fundamentally and technically analyzes.

This is not going to be a common expensive signal group like every one else, all signals given in this group are deeply fundamental and technically analyzed and clearly explained why the signal comes up.

👥The First 50 Members Will Get Free Access 👥

As a new group I want to offer the first 50 members FREE access the first 1year.

This is for me to prove that the info you get from me has value for you and your choices in this market.

I therefore want feedback from so many as possible from the first 50 users after a few months of use, so thay hopefuly can confirm that my info I give on this channel is helpful or not.

After the first 50 members have arrived and If I receive positive feedback, I will then add a subscription price on 4.99$\mo to the group.

I think that 4.99$\mo is a small cost when I considering how much work and time I spend for each report or analysis.

When I looking at similar groups, they are in a price range I cannot understand how normal people can afford to pay for!

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